Monday, June 23, 2003

Monday 23rd June 2003

My dear Earthling,
As I continue my journey of musings on you and your world, I may come up with theories or proposals which may not look obvious, realistic or true to you now. Since many of these would deal with possibilities in the future, I may not have the proof. However, I would definitely make an effort to highlight the logic (as I perceive) on which these theories evolve. As a scientist, it is my primary aim and belief that imagination and realism MUST be developed simultaneously. These added with a pinch of investigative spirit at every point is the right recipe to understand the truth that lies beneath. Hence, the thoughts that may evolve from my imagination (that may seem logical to me albeit yet to be proven by the world) could be better termed as thoughts-yet-unproved (TYUP). To summarise this, TYUPs are surrealism backed up by logic as far as possible. Clipping the wings of imagination and promoting mere realism may be fatal to the world-at-large as it has to be recalled that many a time, realism follows the surreal and not vice versa...Some exceptions do apply!!


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