Saturday, March 01, 2003

Monday 16th June 2003

Iran: A CIA Playground?
My dear earthling,
Americans are usually good at celebrations.What a better way to celebrate its 50th anniversary of success in Iran! Well I am talking about the mysteriously abrupt eruption of pro-reform activists on the streets of Tehran and a possible hand of the CIA....Collin Powell's remarks lately on the existance of widespread dissent in Iran is notable in this regard..However, a genuine urge for changes, particularly among the young Iranians have been demonstrated in the recent past....The presence of a young majority (apparently over two thirds of the population being under 30 years) would pose considerable challenge to the conservatives in Iran....This, with an open (moral) support by the US administration definitely has added spice to the events...It should be recalled that in 1953, CIA aided the coup by Shah to overthrow the then Prime minister. We are watching too much of history repeating itself lately, aren't we?? Thanks to the US. It seems almost like "freedom" and "liberty" are the passwords for violating the sovereignty of any nation in the world by the Big brother...Doesn't this amount to another instance of misinterpretation of these words? ...Meanwhile, the Americans seem to be playing their cards well for now...It won't be surprising, if they had already made the roadmap for Iraq-Iran-North Korea at its first mention as the axis of evil....The present committment shown by Mr. Bush towards the middle-east peace plan is a balancing act in this direction...


P.S: Let me reiterate that Americans here mean the US administration and not the citizens per se.

Thursday 12th June 2003
Matrix Reloaded banned in Egypt

My dear earthling,
Matrix Reloaded has been banned in Egypt. Now, this vindicates my understanding and claims previously. My observations:

1. The very claim of it being Zionist and my understanding of it being influenced by Hinduism may imply that most of the religions may have similar ideology to a greater extent.

2. Banning a work of art in the name of religion amounts to restricting the freedom of expression as well as a misinterpretation of the very religion itself. This is exactly what's happening everywhere...The same holds for the Hindu scriptures and Islamic texts (apparently there is rich info. on civil administration and planning). People(who basically may not even know a single word of what's in it) would ban these works of art in the name of religion cutting off the real essence to the public. Now, how do you differentiate such secularism with Nazism (book burning) in Germany and Socialism in Russia?

As a last note, I figured out that why Indians travelled lesser until now outside their country. If you look at the history, Asia (Indian subcontinent, middle-east, central Asia) were the hub of knowledge while there was not much to look forward to anywhere else except probably Latin America..So, it is not surprising at all that the Indians never bothered to travel far and wide..It was actually the reverse with the Europeans coming to Asia for knowledge transfer . Now, the winds have changed direction with the western world getting an upper hand..so the obvious is happening...and Indians have started travelling again...The need of the hour is to change the direction of flow of winds to make sure Indians regain their lead...A change in mindset is definitely a pre-requisite in certain areas in order to achieve this...


Monday 9th June 2003

Musings on India and the Indians
My dear earthling,
I am sharing some of my thoughts with you...It is a mix of observations and questions. I hope these would inflame your already ignited thoughts...One led to another and so on with the end result now being that I am currently in the early periods of Indian civilization refreshing my memory of those precious information that I may have missed while listening to the social science, geography classes with my brain cells shutdown (have you ever come across a longer sentence than this?:).Anyways, well what I wanted to say was that an inherent urge to understand Indian history, partially due to curiosity to know my past and partially to be better informed as to avoid a blank face when some of my friends here ask about Indian history, I have been googling....Some of my observations are here which I believe may be useful. Some of them you might be knowing better than me...

I am getting increasingly convinced of the fact that there is a rich treasure of knowledge that our forefathers created. The best not only in India but in the world. Panini's sanskrit, decimal system, chess, arthasastra, upanishads etc are a few of the many contributions to the world. Unfortunately, many in the present generation of India are unaware of these facts and these treasures are thus left unexplored (I presume) by them. Somewhere down the line, the link from the past has been broken.
Indians in general are not used to travelling.This led to the transfer of our contributions to the western world by a second hand (Arabs)or was rediscovered by the western civilization. The result: some of my friends are not aware of the achievements or contributions by the Indians to the world. Most of those are considered to be Arabic. While my idea is definitely not to glorify our past and therefore be happy about it, I feel the following.

1. Make the people (especially the western culture) aware of the fundamental contributions of Indians (not just as a present day IT sweat shop)to the world and thus help in regaining its lost respect. It is a fact that people respect you only when they know who you really are, based on your achievements (this is true for a country as well). People (in general) outside India still see it as the land of sadhus, meditation and yoga.

2. I believe that Indians themselves could learn from the enormous treasures of knowledge from our past. Based on the past achievements in mathematics, it comes as no surprise that Indians are doing exceptionally well in IT. However, we have lost the link from those glorious past to present (possibly due to the invasions and occupations). Condemning the treasures like upanishads, as religious, non-secular materials and thus neglecting the essence of these scriptures is a great loss. I believe you don't need to follow a religion or a God to understand and extract the real meanings and knowledge emanating from these scriptures. The same goes with Gita. I know that many won't agree with that. Some of the brightest minds in Indian history would have definitely been enlightened due to these knowledge.

So, my question is : Why don't we get to see those brilliant minds again in contemporary India? Why can't we have a Panini or Chanakya? (I may be unaware if any such minds exist). Let me rephrase the question. Why is it that guys (largely Americans) at MIT's media labs think of the weirdest things in the world, while we don't? Lack of infrastructure or money is just an excuse..You don't need any of these for imagination. The fact is that these imaginations make you leaders in technology and thus of progress as you are 10 to 20 years ahead of the human race. Unfortunately, Indians don't seem to show this potential or probably they have accepted themselves to be followers. Why can't we make India a centre of innovations (and not merely service)? If the Japanese or Americans can, why can't we? Correct me if I am wrong anywhere. As they say, we have it what it takes in our genes:).

Another interesting mention is of the recent movie "Matrix reloaded". In case you have seen it, did you find any resemblance with the concepts of Hinduism? I would say it was "Hinduism downloaded". The concepts of "life is a game", "choice is already made", "second level of control", "everything you see around runs on a code" etc...Now, isn't this what we call the repackaging? and the best part of it all, people find it hi-fi and interesting...Guess everything is a Maya...It's the way you present that finally matters, not the reality...


Tuesday 3rd June 2003

Matrix Reloaded or Hinduism Downloaded?

Dear Earthling,
Lately, I had the opportunity to watch Matrix downloaded. If you had watched it, you may have felt the existence of
the concepts of Hinduism embedded in this episode...Well that makes me think if it was Matrix Reloaded or Hinduism
Downloaded..Especially the concepts of "second level of control", choice, purpose and code written for everything happening
around us. Now, one wonders if Wachowski brothers had a copy of Gita...Now, who says religion cannot be sold...All you need
is to know how to package it well...
Having said that, wasn't there a similar reason why our venerable forefathers wrote the upanishads, puranas and Gita...If I understand
correctly, their line of thought was that the Vedas are too abstract to be understood by the ignorant earthlings and so a packaging
solution was created....With the passing of ages, we see a decline in the average intellectual level of earthlings...It has come to a level, where
religious and philosophical concepts in elegantly packaged movies like Matrix seem hi-fi to many mortals...So then, if Gita were to be written for
today's public, wonder how would that have to be...
Now based on the above thoughts, I arrive at the following hypothesis...
With the passage of time, average human intellectual level to understand reality is reducing...However, the maximum level of intellectuality
is increasing, i.e, there are a select number of people who are attaining greater understanding and hence marching towards the unknown and unexplained.
My hypothesis is that this select section of human beings existed in all ages and would exist in the future. They are the key to exploring the truth and
introducing it to the rest of their siblings. However, this may take many years and when they reach there, they will have the scientific proof of everything
we consider as sci-fi, or religion. Now, this I believe would have been the same situation that existed during the years when Veda and other scriptures were

Corollary: Our intellectual level follows a cyclic process (like a sinusoidal/cosine curve)...Starting from an overall higher average intellectual level to a lower level and then subsequently returning to the initial phase. It is quite possible that we might hit the trough soon or atleast closer to it...The curves of the leading intellectuals and average
intelligence might be as shown as two sine/cosine curves with a phase difference between them. The curves here mean the level of understanding reality and has no correlation with scientific achievements. In fact, it may at some point be inversely proportional!


Tuesday 22nd April 2003

Theory of Fear

My dear Earthling,

As the saying goes "Knowledge is power". This power seems to be very much
needed by those innocent and ignorant American public who is swayed
away to fear their own shadows due to the administration's propaganda
machines. One wonders, what would the US administration do when they
no longer find any more scapegoats (read as countries) to be specified
as a so-called "credible threat with WMD". They would look upto the


Saturday March 22nd 2003
Beginning of the end cont'd

As I mentioned before feel that Iraq war is a simple case of retrogradation.Going back to those
very olden days when democracy and human rights existed only in fairy
tales..I could understand Rome's longevity during those times.However, mankind
has developed both technically and mentally over the years. He understands
his rights well enough and considering this view point, an invasion is
totally unacceptable and uncivilised attempt by the neo-colonialists
which at no cost should succeed..... In fact, longevity of such
hegomonistic regimes have only shortened over the years as history
shows...But the question in this case is how? How is it going to
happen when you know that NO country has the ability to stand on its
own against the US...This is mainly due to the dependence of countries
on US in some way or the other.It is to be noted, that the reason is
not purely a fear of miltary power. I believe a bi-polar world is the
best way to achieve equilibrium in this world.However,it is to be
noted that economic and military powers are the key factors for any
country to be powerful.Among these two factors, economy gains
prominance.A weak economy fails to develop the military and
simultaneously draws the wrath of its own
citizens(unemployment,poverty etc).So, another way to bring down any
country is to attack its economic dominance which definitely can be
bloodless...so I would concentrate more in the (economic
leadership)->(military power)-->(economic downfall)-->(military
weakness) cycle...The best indicator for change in leadership is the
economy. I predict approx. 50 years timeline for the change in the
present leadership.


Monday March 17th 2003

As the world holds its breath to hear what Mr. Bush would say in his address to the nation tonight, I have this to say to you, my dear Earthling.

My dear Earthling,

As your dear Bush gets ready to rape the Iraqis in his effort to teach democracy, I find myself in the 19th or early 20th century. In this age of high-tech and enlightened souls (based on the fact that human beings "may be" getting smarter over the years), it would be pathetic to see a single nation going ahead with its hegemonistic ideology. It is a perfect example of the fact that man has still not recovered from his illiterate past and the scientific advances have made them no better than before....I consider this illiteracy as a greater threat to humanity than any WMD and until this is eliminated, we may never see a peaceful world. Unfortunately, no external threats could alleviate this malady.This should be rectified from within and in this case by the people of these countries. The act of the US and British government to neglect the views of its own people in its decision for war provides an insight into the future that awaits the citizens of such countries.Powerful states no longer hold themselves accountable to people or the international community and this trend,if left unchecked, may bring serious consequences. This, I say would even be a threat to the very democratic ideals these states aim to uphold.It seems almost as if the definition of a right and wrong are based on the power index of a nation. This would definitely act as a precedent for future disasters....


Tuesday March 18th 2003

Beginning of the end of American Empire??

My dear Earthling,

Well the idea here is not to look down upon US albeit the title might
make you feel so. If you rationalise the events, based on history(the
baton of global leadership keeps rotating), is this the beginning of
the downward journey of America? If you were to think like the hawks
in US administration, what are the factors which gives them the
confidence to take these steps.Forget the terrorism and other oft
repeated factors.What makes them believe that they would economically
survive this attack.A very common case of American oil under Iraqi
sand doesn't hold good due to many reasons.So then, what is it that
they are aiming for?? Are we able to figure out? How is the US
administration going to fill the deficits? Or is it that their actions
are governed by the sanskrit saying "vinashakaley viparita budhi"
meaning during times of destructions, men tend to take destructive
decisions detrimental to themselves?? Can we attribute this again to a
classic case of human emotions taking over? viz. Greed, Pride that
many a time fails to see the blind spots....


P.S: US and America here refers to the US administration and NOT the
American people.

Tuesday March 11th, 2003
Business Proposition!! Anyone listening??
My dear Earthling,
As I write this business proposition for you, the Americans are all over the Iraqis waiting for an approval on the second resolution.The deadline: March 17th. Read on...

Is any entrepreneur listening to this? Here is the deal!!

Millions of homosapiens are dying every year and more are in pipe-line.Now this is a great opportunity. Why not substitute the fowls with ever increasing number of quality human beings. Well, how about a McHuman (Asian) burgers , McHuman (American) burgers, and so on?...The fixed costs in starting up the business is minimal. There is absolutley no scarcity of resources. We all know the right places to look at(Middle-East,Asia,Africa,South-America etc)..Then we have the generators (No dearth of these people as well) for such resources.Just need to arrive at a revenue sharing model with these partners(Read as exterminators).Last but not the least, we don't even need market research.Well, it's pretty much clear about what kind of products would sell as hot cakes in which all markets. For Instance: McHuman(Palestine) would be highly relished by the Israeli market and vice versa. Not to forget about the McHuman(Iraqi flavour) that is expected to be out of stock without even getting released in the market, having been digested by the elites in U.S.While these are some of the developed markets and products with a high potential of making it big, we shouldn't forget the emerging markets of south-east Asia,China, South-America and some parts of Europe.However, there would be a very low appreciation for the McHuman (Africa or North Korea flavour) burgers, apparently due to the majority of humans there dying a natural death(low nutritonal value). My market analysis says that Raliens would have already taken note of this opportunity and would definitely be working on the business models thereof with possible joint-ventures with the leading partners for authentic raw materials.(remember, cloned humans are synonymous to broilers). So there would ultimately be two classes of burgers in the markets. McHuman (premium) which is the real human being and then the McHuman(cloned). While the premium product's price is expected to shoot up in the coming years (better invest on that now when the prices are low), the cloned product wouldn't help you achieve the break-even in the near future (sounds like a 3G problem!! huh??)...

Any bets on these? well I could see someone already working on the profit margins!!! Hey, what's the pricing model?? Huh??


Monday March 10th 2003
Hindu Religion allows rape of non-Hindu women
This is an interesting allegation from you Earthlings based on the gruesome acts by yourself in the western Indian state of Gujarat.This is how I feel.

My dear Earthling,

For a second if we believe that Hindu religion allows the rape of
Non-Hindu women, how do you take the act of Islamic Religion allowing
its followers the right to rape their own women? My point is based on
the recent rapes committed in Pakistan on their women as
punishments.Infact, in one such country, there was an interesting law
that mentions that a rape can be proven as rape "only" if the victim
manages to get 4 witnesses to the act. Sounds funny to me...Compared
to this I must confess that Hindu religion has ALWAYS kept women in
high esteem.Only people with real understanding of religion would know
these facts. If your aim is to tarnish a particular religion, nobody
can stop you.In Bangladesh, which is a pre-dominantly Islamic country,
women are subjected to acid-attacks frequently.You may need to check
the statistics before coming up with arguments as baseless as
yours...Instead of mudslinging on others, try to do some good work to
improve the image of Islam which is already at its all time
low....This I say as a well wisher of Islam or for that matter any
religion in this world. It's NOT the religion that is at fault, BUT
the people who call themselves followers without even knowing a simple
fact on humanity!!!!

I said earlier that "Onlypeople with real understanding of religion
would know these facts" mainly due to the following with repect to Hinduism.

1. Non-Hindus who don't know anything about Hinduism.
2. Hindus themselves who don't know anything about the essence of

Both the above categories won't know anything about the real essence
of that religion. And this is the case for any religion for that
matter. You should make a clear distinction between customs and
traditions with that of religion.Say, you may be a Christian but you
would have your own ways of living.Not everything is dictated by the
Bible.Am I right?I would like to challenge everyone here to show me a
single reference of burning a woman or raping as part of the holy
scriptures of Hinduism. The inference I want to make here is that the
oft repeated accusations like those are not attached with a
religion.They may be hindu by birth, but not in practice.In fact, they
are n't HUMAN.You don't need to be religious to know how you should
treat fellow human beings.However,you all have our own prejudices and
practices.Attaching every action with a particular religion is n't
fair enough.
I know for sure that actions like racism,rape,killings etc are
NEVER EVER condoned or promoted by ANY religion in this world.I
believe that the unfortunate situation today exists mainly due to the
corrupt interpretation of words like "Religion", "History",
"Friendship", "War","Nationalism","terrorism". These are words often
misused by people today for their own advantage. Hinduism in
particular preaches non-violence.By the way, India has changed
remarkably over the years and the evil practices of the society are becoming
things of the past.But lot needs to be done to remove illiteracy and greed
which are the primary causes for many of these issues.
I am positive about the developments.


As I turn around,I see them.
As I wake up, I see them.
As I walk around, I see them.
I see them everywhere.

At times in my dreams.
At times in my thoughts.
At times friendly.
At times foes.

But wait a minute.Who am I talking about? Why am I talking? Where?When?.................................

Am I talking about you? I guess so.......My dear Earthling! Oh my Earthling!

It's YOU!! Yes, YOU!! Only YOU!!

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